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230 gr 45 ACP Large Primer Brass and FMJ Bullet Combo - 250 Count

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230 gr 45 ACP Large Primer Brass and FMJ Bullet Combo - Once Fired

Our 45 ACP Bullet and Brass Combo pairs 250 of our small batch polished 45 ACP large primer pistol casings with 250 quality 45 ACP 230 gr plated FMJ bullets. We hand sort and hand pack each order in order to preserve the shine for your next project.

We will do our best to package and ship orders within 4 business days.

Lone Star Brass sells recycled, once fired brass. Lone Star Brass assumes no liability and makes no warranty regarding our product. If you chose to use our products for reloading purposes it is your responsibility to understand the risks and follow proper procedures. Please seek out professional instruction with any questions as Lone Star Brass offers no instruction either expressed or implied.