04/20 ... Completed initial sort of 250 lbs, completed 45 sort and added to inventory hopefully in the morning I can completed the 40 sort and move on to 9s, 380s, 38s, etc.... so keep watching! (Steve)

115 gr 9mm Plated Round Nose Reloading Bullets - 250 Count

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115 gr 9mm Plated Round Nose Reloading Bullets

250 quality, 9mm (.355 diameter) 115 gr plated bullets. Brand new and manufactured in the USA. 1200 fps max recommended velocity.

We will do our best to package and ship orders within 4 business days.

Lone Star Brass sells recycled, once fired brass and bullets. Lone Star Brass assumes no liability and makes no warranty regarding our product. If you chose to use our products for reloading purposes it is your responsibility to understand the risks and follow proper procedures. Please seek out professional instruction with any questions as Lone Star Brass offers no instruction either expressed or implied.