Update! Sep 29th 2022: Just added about 32,000 rounds of 9mm to inventory and ready to ship orders! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND LOYALTY DURING OUR TRNASITION AND GROWTH -- Steve & Marcus

A Family Business

Last year we embarked as a family on a journey to found our family business. This was a topic we often kicked around over the years, usually in late night conversations as we sat in my father's backyard. When we started toying around with the idea of Lone Star Brass, we realized this business was different. Our family loves firearms and we are avid reloaders so Lone Star Brass quickly became a dream for our family to chase. 

Now a few crazy months later, with dozens of late nights and countless hours of hard work hand sorting dirty brass casings we are starting to see the rewards. We have met so many great customers, grown closer as a family, and we even put a little change in our pockets to boot. In fact, tonight we sit back as a family, sweaty from an evening of sorting brass, our bellies full of Natalie's famous spaghetti, and thank God for awesome customers like you who make us want to chase after our dream again tomorrow. We couldn't ask for more, and God has truly blessed us.


Ben Voss
Lone Star Brass


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